Gravesend Grammar School is a popular school serving the community of Gravesham and its neighbouring parishes. Places are at a premium with year groups frequently over-subscribed. As a selective school, we require students joining us to meet our academic requirements. For those joining at the beginning of Year 7, this means success in the Kent Test (sometimes known as the 11+).  For those seeking entry at other points (excluding 6th Form), we have entrance examinations that determine eligibility for entry. 

There are three entry points for admission into Gravesend Grammar School:

  • Admission into Year 7
  • Casual Admissions Y7 to Y11
  • Sixth Form


Admission to Year 7

Entry into our school requires success in the Kent Test (sometimes known as the 11+).  Registration for the Kent Test is completed online at the Kent County Council website in June of the year the child is in Year 5.  Students sit their Kent Test in the following September, the results of which are given to parents in early October.  Around this time, parents and their children are provided the opportunity to see schools in action at schools’ open events before they submit their Secondary Common Application Form (SCAF) online on the KCC website. This application form allows parents to list, in preference order, four schools they wish their child to attend.  Once the application has been submitted, there is nothing further to do except await National Offers Day in March of the following year when local authorities inform parents of the school their child has been allocated.  Parents whose preference is GGS, and who live within our priority regions, usually get a place.  Parents living outside these regions are less likely to secure a place.  A map of our priority areas is included in our Admissions Arrangements below.

Further information:

A Parents’ Guide to Admissions – Year 7

GGS Arrangements for Admissions 2022-23


Casual Admissions Years 7 – 11

Parents wishing to transfer their child from another secondary school should complete an in-year application form. Where a child has moved into Gravesham or its neighbouring regions and is, or will be, without a school, we will endeavour to process the application quickly so that the child does not miss out on his education.  A parent seeking to transfer their son from a local secondary school should apply in May/June of one academic year for entry in September of the next. 

Where spaces exist and the entry requirement has been met, we will admit the student. Parents have the right to appeal a decision not to admit their child.

In-year Application Form

In-year Admissions Explained


Appeals Form


Admission into Sixth Form

Most students transfer directly from our Year 11 into Sixth Form.  Additionally, we provide places for students from other schools. More information about entry into Sixth Form can be found on our Sixth Form pages.


Contact Information

Years 7 – 11: Mr I Cook, Admissions Manager, 01474 331893 ext 1248 –

6th Form: Ms S Asbury, 6th Form Administrator –