Key Stage 3 – Creative Exploration

CrEx is all about students investigating the world around them through the creative arts. Art, Music and Drama can help us to understand a variety of issues and themes and encourage students to find their own personal response to them – ‘CrEx’ is about participation. Students who have gone through the curriculum will have earned the Arts Award Bronze for their participation, understanding and enjoyment of the arts, in whatever form they feel suits them best.

Key Stage 4 – Art

During KS4 students can begin to improve their skills and specialise in techniques they were introduced to in KS3, to develop their own Art interests and particular skills. Themes are wide ranging and offer the chance to individualise at every stage. Students are encouraged, through a series of workshops, to learn about new artists, techniques and media to allow them to expand their knowledge and develop personal and original outcomes. Students will improve their observational drawing skills and use them to develop their own ideas. AQA Art Craft and Design is studied at GCSE, meaning that the curriculum is broad, including photography, more traditional drawing and painting along with 3D techniques – Ceramics is a particular strength of the department and is used to develop ideas and technically skilled outcomes.

Key Stage 5 – Art

Students at KS5 are encouraged to take a very personal route through the themes and ideas they are given; they use skills they have acquired earlier in KS4 and build on them, using challenging materials and themes to develop their own techniques and skills. Their personal projects and practical coursework will take understanding and knowledge even further. Students are encouraged to be independent and to explore the art world through further reading and visits to galleries to support their work and expand their horizons. Students are able to inspire not only each other, but also younger students, with their highly personal and original work.