Take a Look at Our Prospectus

Take a Look at Our Sixth Form Prospectus

Our Ethos

Challenge and Opportunity in a Caring Environment. But what exactly do we mean by that?


  • A curriculum at A level and GCSE which has no easy options.
  • Students kept on course to get the best exam grades possible.
  • Only subjects that offer a real academic challenge at the right level are offered.
  • We won’t fiddle with our curriculum to make school results look better!
  • Students are encouraged to learn independently not just spoon fed.
  • Challenged to be creative in CREX in Key Stage 3, which encourages involvement in music and encourages development of presentational skills and confidence.
  • Physical challenges: We all take part in a real Sponsored Walk. House competitions are open to all – e.g. Rugby and Sports Day – importantly, it’s not just the elite sportsperson who get the chance to represent his or her House – we encourage wide participation.


  • We expect all our students to take advantage of the variety of challenges provided by the school.
  • Travel: GGS has been to Africa, China, India, South and North America and New Zealand on sporting trips, for World Challenge expeditions, or on school exchanges.
  • Duke of Edinburgh awards, charity work, drama, music – all provide powerful leadership opportunities.


  • Student Support Staff: Full time pastoral help is available all day, everyday from dedicated specialist staff, and not left to subject teachers.
  • Specialist Counselling to support students with a range of issues; initiatives focusing on adolescent mental health.
  • Smoother transition to Year 7 – students have fewer teachers because we have developed the use of Key Stage 3 ‘specialists’ who teach boys several subjects in Year 7. This makes for better relationships and better understanding of individual students.
  • Layers of support. First port of call is the form tutor. The student is also in a House where older students provide leadership. The student is part of an Olympic Group where 15 students are attached to the same member of staff throughout their time at school – subject to staff leaving!
  • The School motto Consule Cunctis means ‘care for all’.  At GGS we interpret this guiding principle to mean caring for each and every member of the School, caring for our wider community and environment; and caring on a wider, global scale through the charity work we undertake generally and specifically for students in schools in India. Developing a caring ethos with a strong sense of responsibility is an important facet of students’ education at GGS – and one in which they never fail to make the School proud.