About our School

Whilst maintaining school traditions at the core of all we do, we also encourage our students to embrace new technology and take the initiative in all they do. We aspire to equip our students with the skills for lifelong learning by use of innovative approaches and technology.

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Message from the Headteacher

I am very proud to be the Headteacher of Gravesend Grammar School.   I have spent over 20 years at the School as a teacher and a leader and I am passionate that our traditional values are upheld in a modern context.

My own expectations for the School are very high and I believe that students achieve through respect, hard work, friendship and exploration.  These core values will be at the heart of everything that we do to ensure the very high academic standards continue.  Our academic achievements are exceptionally high at both GCSE and A-level creating a gateway to the next steps for our students. The next step is usually University although some choose high end or graduate apprenticeships.

Whilst the primary focus is to achieve high academic standards, I believe that a broad and rich curriculum is essential in creating well rounded individuals who can confidently take on the next phase of their lives, and which provides a balance to the demands of a rigorous academic curriculum.

My mission is a relatively simple one in that we must do everything we can to ensure that all our students make progress that enables them to be successful in later life.  We also provide clear opportunities for teachers and support staff to excel and for all to add significant value to this institution.

As a selective school we are fortunate to be educating students who have high aspirations and have a strong commitment and loyalty to the School. In return, we provide a high quality teaching environment and opportunities and challenges for all of our students.

Malcolm Moaby BEd (Hons)


Supporting our students to achieve

Most of our students flourish with the help of their teachers and those at home. Sometimes, however, they need a little more help to unlock their potential. This help takes a range of formats and can kick in at any time during a school career. We are able to offer specialist support to those for whom English is not a first language or for those who need prompting to improve their levels of literacy, for example. Students with identified Additional Needs may also access the help of an additional adult in the classroom or more specialist external help.

Many department run ‘clinics’ throughout the year and extra revision classes as exams approach.

Occasionally our young people may feel they need to access our full-time Student Support Officers or our School Counsellors who are in school weekly.

Enriching the Educational Experience

Whilst what happens in the classroom is vital, we believe that the additional opportunities we offer students will help them expand their horizons. Apart from the wide variety of visits home and abroad, field trips and exchanges, we also try to encourage Sixth Form students to try new things on a Wednesday afternoon, and the whole School to learn in different ways during our Curriculum Development Weeks. These weeks allow students to learn in real depth, to base their learning around enquiries or themes and to work in groups that include students of different ages.

Strong Partnerships

The School prides itself on being a community Grammar School and this is clearly demonstrated by its strong partnerships across the borough. There are formal and informal arrangements with a number of external providers.

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Tradition and Innovation

Gravesend Grammar School aspires to equip its students with the skills for lifelong learning by use of innovative approaches and technology. Our philosophy is that technology will be used where it assists or enhances the learning of our students, not just for technology’s sake.

Our ultimate goal is to provide every student with access to a mobile device which will allow ‘anytime/anywhere’ learning. In preparation for this, we have increased the number of mobile devices to which the students have access, so that learning using technology is embedded throughout the curriculum, in a range of guises. The devices which students have access to are many and varied, allowing our students to complete a range of tasks on devices most suitable for those tasks. In September 2014 we launched a new Key Stage 3 Computing course with a view to increasing the digital literacy of students. This course will give them the opportunity to develop the skills needed to utilise digital technologies, whilst also remaining safe in a society where there is an ever-increasing reliance on technology.