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A Level Results

2017 A Level Results

Gravesend Grammar School is very pleased indeed with the performance of their Year 13 students in their A level exams.  The young people who were planning to go to University will be able to look forward to continuing their education at some top universities.

Overall attainment has held up very well in a context where exams are more difficult. More than a quarter of the entries were at A*/A and 20 students got a full set of top A*/A grades, with one young man (Roshan Birdi)getting 4 A*s.  The percentage of A and B grades is very similar to last year despite exams being harder.

The 2017 cohort of students find themselves in a very confusing and difficult situation brought about by changes to the exam system. This group of students have been guinea pigs but have continued to work hard, and with commitment, despite the uncertainty about what their grades will look like and what will happen to university places.

The move to a linear system, as opposed to a process that had two stages (the first one being AS), has been done without the benefit of past papers or clear communication from Exam Boards about Programmes of Study or what new grades will look like.  It is a tribute to the resilience and determination of our students that they have achieved so well in such difficult circumstances.