Take a Look at Our Prospectus

Take a Look at Our Sixth Form Prospectus

Stretch and Challenge

We pride ourselves on the exceptional exam results we achieve in the Sixth Form. Not only do we have students who achieve outstanding academic success, but we over-perform in the value we add to our students’ grades. Recently we were reported as the grammar school which added the most value to students’ grades.

We take aspects of Stretch, Challenge and Independence that are now part of the A Level specifications very seriously. In the Sixth Form we have integrated ways of encouraging independence and challenge into our curriculum, through the Roots and Wings programme. Each subject area sets additional activities, reading and projects for completion each term; encouraging independent time management and stretching all students to achieve their maximum potential. Important skills for life and education!

The Extended Project Qualification offered in Year 13 also gives students the opportunity to work towards an individual academic project and gain further AS qualifications. This in-depth study is well regarded by universities as it allows students to investigate a topic, issue or question of personal and academic interest to a much deeper level than would normally be expected by A Level subjects. This is good preparation for university, employment and beyond.

The Wider Curriculum

Whilst the main focus of your efforts must be on your academic studies, a central feature of our ethos in the Sixth Form at GGS is that we are proud to have students leave us, having had a broad, diverse and rich experience.

The wider curriculum in the Sixth Form includes:

  • A Driving Safety course, including a theatre visit to the highly acclaimed ‘Licence to Kill’ production.
  • An Enrichment afternoon including a wide range of sporting activities.  Students can also choose from a whole range of other activities including Cooking, guitar lessons, dancing, and lots more.
  • University and careers conventions and visits from employers who are keen to recruit our top calibre school leavers.  Speakers on Gap Year programmes and those presenting opportunities for degree programmes combined with work for some top companies that are becoming increasingly popular.
  • During Enrichment Week a whole variety of enrichment and extension activities that are subject based are offered. Other activities and experiences are also on offer during Enrichment Week and have recently included: fencing, canoeing, sailing, street dance, face painting, karate, sign language and conservation projects.