Take a Look at Our Prospectus

Take a Look at Our Sixth Form Prospectus

Sixth Form Uniform Requirements

The overall expectation is appearance in line with that expected in a smart business environment.
Coats and scarves are not to be worn inside the buildings.
No obtrusive logos, patterns or advertising on any items of clothing.
A suit or jacket with trousers, a school tie, shirt and shoes. Jackets to be worn to and from
school and in and around the school.
A plain V neck cardigan or jumper may be worn under the suit or jacket.
Clean shaven (except for those students who choose to wear a turban).
Do nots:
No jeans or chinos.
No jewellery is allowed apart from one ring, watch and necklace worn inside clothing.

Skirt or trouser suit in a dark or sober colour.
Skirt must be knee length and fit in such a way that it does not “ride up”. Suit jackets to be worn
to and from school and in and around the school. When summer uniform is declared girls may choose
to wear a blouse without a jacket.
Minimal natural coloured make up.
Dark shoes with sensible heel (not high).
Only one stud-type piece of jewellery per ear, one ring, a wrist watch, a
discreet necklace.

Do nots:
No vest tops; bare shoulders, cleavage or midriffs. No skin tight trousers.

Bracelets are only allowed with permission on medical or religious grounds.
Conventional hair style of a natural colour.
Students failing to meet the dress code may be required to leave the school site to get changed.