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Appealing for a place in Year 7 – September 2020

Appeals 2020 – Updated 27/4/2020

Following DfE guidance published 24 April 2020, we have been able to amend the normal appeals procedures to account for current social distancing requirements.  Our appeals this year will be heard without the presence of appellants – they will be heard in their absence. The independent appeals panel will convene either remotely or in an environment where they can socially distance themselves as appropriate.

Appeals will be heard using written evidence provided by appellants and the clerk has written to parents with guidance on what to provide.  Appeals will be heard in the week beginning Monday 18 May.

The school has filled its allocation of places.  Additional students we are directed by the panel to admit will take class sizes above 30 which is not our preference.  Ultimately, it is within the authority of the panel to make us admit any number of students they decide does not prejudice the education of existing students, and in recent years they have directed us to increase the number in each class by one or two irrespective of our wishes.  They have, however, been acutely sympathetic to the ethos of the school and its admissions arrangements.  A student’s scores in his test are not used in determining whether he gets a place. Our admission arrangements afford priority to boys who live within our preference areas.  As long as they have achieved the marks required to be eligible for entrance to a Kent Grammar School, their scores are of no concern.

Parents of students who have narrowly missed out in their Kent Test or who have significant extenuating circumstances will need to provide compelling evidence in the form of school records and assessment data to demonstrate that their child will thrive in a challenging and fast-paced learning environment.

The situation as it stands is that we have filled 210 places.  We have a waiting list of 108 eligible students and have received 90 appeals.  These are challenging times and we hope that parents understand that we are working hard to ensure that the admissions process continues as closely to normal practice as is possible.

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Appealing for a place in current Years 7 to 11

Parents will first be required to apply for a place for their child.  In the event that the application is declined, the school will write to the parents informing them of our decision, after which parents have the right to appeal.  In this event, they should write to the Clerk to the Chair of Governors informing us of their intention to appeal, and stating within, the grounds on which their appeal is based.  This will prompt us to arrange an appeal hearing.  Parents upon submitting their appeal will have time to construct their case and to gather evidence.  The appeals panel is a body independent of the school who will consider the evidence presented by the parents before making a decision on whether to direct the school to admit the student.

Further Questions

If you have any queries regarding appeals, please contact Mr I Cook at the school using Additionally, further guidance about the appeals process can be accessed in our FAQ Appeals document found here.