KS3 Spanish

Key Stage 3 Spanish gives you the opportunity to develop your confidence in speaking Spanish that you can use in real-life situations.  You will cover a range of different topics to prepare you for Key Stage 4 and cover grammatical and linguistic concepts that will form the basis of your language studies and to enable you to communicate with millions of people from all over the planet.

KS4 Spanish

Our teaching aims to give students the means to acquire linguistic competence as well as an understanding of Spanish and Hispanic culture.  Students are taught to communicate and interact effectively in speech and in writing and to read for a variety of purposes across a range of specified texts, including identity, culture, local, national, international and global areas of interest, plus current and future study and employment.  Emphasis is placed on the development and effective application of grammar and vocabulary.  Pupils are also taught to develop effective communication strategies as part of the teaching and learning process, which will greatly increase their ability to cope successfully with unfamiliar vocabulary and situations.  Increasingly, students will apply previously learnt language structures in different contexts and will become increasingly adept at manipulating the language themselves, providing a solid basis for further study and practical use of Spanish. Students in Year 9 will have the opportunity to take part in a residential visit to the Costa Brava to visit famous architectural sites in Barcelona such as the Sagrada Familia cathedral and smaller towns in the area, such as Girona and Figueres.

KS5 Spanish

With 329 million native speakers, Spanish is a truly global language.  Spanish ‘A’ level offer students the opportunity to develop a greater knowledge of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures, including current affairs, controversial and contemporary topics such as bull fighting, religion and historical memory.  Students will also have the opportunity to study Spanish films and literature as part of the course.  Spanish at ‘A’ level also offers students a practical skill they can use in a future career.