Physical Education

KS3 PE/Games

There are four focus areas across all core PE/Games lessons taught at Gravesend Grammar School which are in line with the current National Curriculum. These areas are: Physical Skill, Decision Making, Coaching and Sport for Life.

Each term a wide range of activities will be used to focus on these key areas. These activities will depend on the space being used and will rotate through Sportshall (Badminton/Volleyball/Basketball/Tchoukball), Field (Rugby/Invasion Games), AstroTurf (Handball/Football/Hockey/Lacrosse) and Activity Room (Table Tennis/Gymnastics/Fitness/Weights).

Whilst each ‘space’ will have a specific teaching focus (Sportshall – Physical Skill/Coaching, AstroTurf – Physical Skill/Decision Making, Field – Decision Making/Coaching, Activity Room – Sport for Life/Physical Skill), students will be assessed across the four key areas to get a truly representative working level of their all-round ability.

KS4 PE/Games

Students in Year 9/10 continue the same focus as KS3 with a greater detail and depth put into lessons. As they move into year 11, the focus switches to Maximal Performance, with game play being the focus.


From the start of Year 9 we follow the Edexcel GCSE Physical Education course (70% Theory/30% Practical). This involves performing in three sports and completing two written exams in the summer of Year 11. The two main component areas are ‘Fitness and Body Systems’ and ‘Health and Performance’.

KS5 Enrichment

Every Wednesday afternoon (Period 5) a compulsory Enrichment lesson is run, this is a time for students to take a step away from the academic rigours of normal school life and try to enrich their school experience. Students either become a member of the Rugby or Football Senior squads, are chosen to join the Senior Music group or opt in to another activity. There is a huge amount of flexibility with activities ranging from 5-a-side to Dance to Cookery to Guitar.

A Level

Both boys and girls can opt to follow the OCR A Level course over Years 12 and 13. They are assessed in physiological factors affecting performance, psychological factors affecting performance, socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport and performance in physical education.