Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

“PSHE education is a subject through which pupils develop the knowledge, skills and the attributes they need to manage their lives, now and in the future.”


PSHE lessons will:

  • Be taught in a safe classroom environment
  • Be taught in a non-judgmental way
  • Be grounded in realistic scenarios but not the students’ direct personal experiences
  • Avoid attempts to induce shock, fear or guilt
  • Challenge unrealistic social norms
  • Support young people’s right to confidentiality

Relationship education, sex education and health education are now compulsory and a statutory DfE requirement form September 2020. The new ‘GGS 2020 Programme of Study’ is a comprehensive curriculum that goes further than the DfE requirements to fully meet the needs of our specific students. It takes a thematic approach and sets out learning opportunities in the four core GGS Pillars – Friendship, Respect, Exploration and Hard Work. 

Friendship, Respect, Exploration are the main themes that frame the course and Hard Work is a discrete element saved for topics related to mindset, independence, independent learning and revision.

The strand of:

  • Friendship focuses on the theme of relationships and the values of community, togetherness and belonging.
  • Respect focuses on the theme of health and wellbeing in terms of self-respect and respect for others, it aims to develop kindness, supportiveness and caring towards others.
  • Exploration focuses on the theme of living in the wider world, nurturing independence, curiosity and creativity.

In common with the DfE statutory guidance for Relationships, Sex and Health education that “schools should have the same high expectations of the quality of pupils’ work in these subjects as for other curriculum areas”.  At GCSE we support this and pupils will be asked to reflect on their learning in a way that makes them draw upon their learning and their ‘character’; by answering a moral question or dilemma, using information and understanding from the students’ previous lessons.

In KS3 pupils are taught PSHE once a week in one hour sessions as stipulated by their timetable. 

In KS4 pupils are taught PSHE in registration groups and have 2 x 30 minutes sessions a week in their tutor time. 

In KS5 pupils are taught PSHE in 6 days off timetable. 

The curriculum is supported where possible by assemblies and outside agency delivery of sessions, shows and performances. 

For more information please refer to the GGS PSHE Policy and the GGS RSE Policy. 

Click below for the PSHE Curriculum map – this curriculum is an outline of the content and is subject to change, update and review: