At Gravesend Grammar School we recognise the importance of musical education and the benefits it has on young developing minds. Music is both a focus for study and a means of communal expression with students developing musical understanding and skill (in perception, as composers and as performers) in classes, in option groups, individually and in school ensembles.  Many celebrations of school life, such as assemblies, Prize Giving and the Carol Service, are enhanced by musical performance.

Participation, performance and personalised progression extend beyond the classroom. Vocal and instrumental peripatetic tuition are available to students in all years, and a wide range of extra-curricular musical activities (instrumental groups, bands and a choir) take place each week.  We believe extra-curricular music provides an ideal opportunity for students to develop important social skills and enhance their sense of community


KS3 Music

In Key Stage 3 students develop and reinforce their musical understanding and practical skills using their voices, instruments and music technology. Crucially, through listening, composing and performing activities they strengthen their creative ability, self-confidence and self-expression.

It is a practical year of music making, starting with an introduction to rhythm and sound in Brazillian Samba allowing students to explore the culture of carnival and create their own piece to perform.  We then move to vocal skills, with students finding their own voice through class singing of different styles and in different sizes of ensemble.

Taking the rhythmic and melodic skills learnt in the first two terms, students will then learn further performance techniques while working as bands within their class on a variety of instruments ready for group performances.

Music technology also plays a large part, with students learning how to create their own music using computer software in our dedicated multimedia suite, with students being able to express themselves with their own music.


KS4 Music

GCSE Music encompases analysis, composition and performance to create a well rounded and engaging course.  Music is an enjoyable, valuable and challenging subject to study, the value of which is recognised by highly academic universities.  It develops a range of valuable cross-curricular transferable skills, including in-depth analysis, creativity, dedication and collaboration!

Analysis is formed around four main areas of study including Musical Forms and Devices, Music for Ensemble, Film Music and Popular Music.  Over the course students will build their knowledge of musical genres, instrumentation and notation

Students are encouraged to perform as often as possible and develop their instrumental skills, with peer assessment an important part of personal growth.  Students will be required to perform two assessed pieces towards their GCSE, either in an ensemble or solo, as well as several performance opportunities at school events.

Composition allows students to explore their own creativity, taking the knowledge of musical features and genres from our analysis to produce music to both suit a set brief and their own imagination.