Computer Science

Key Stage 3 ICT & Computing

ICT & Computing is taught across the curriculum, as well as a discrete subject as part of the KS3 Engineering programme. Software skills (such as spreadsheets and word processing) are taught in subjects such as Geography and English and are expected to be transferable across the curriculum, whereas programming using Python, BBC Micro:Bits and PicAxe are taught in Engineering and Mathematics.

Key Stage 4 Computing

Some just want to use applications, others want to tweak them, some want to break them.  Coding is a major aspect of the course but understanding how to break a problem into the correct pieces is a skill acquired through experience.  The course is technical and your expertise will be reflected in the software you write.  It will include understanding hardware and the impact of Computer Science upon the world around us.

Key Stage 5 Computer Science

Computing is now being called the fourth science.  You will cover the technical aspects of coding to a high standard, understanding the design of computers, the use of Boolean logic and why 101010 is the answer.  The models used to comprehend decisions made in the past will allow you to create the machines of the future.