Key Stage 3 Geography

Ever wondered why Everest is still growing?  How deforestation in the Amazon is affecting us in the UK?  Why you would build a casino in the desert or how China and India are developing?

Through a wide variety of topics ranging from India, China and Brazil to ‘Impossible Places’, ‘Risky World’, and ‘Geography of Conflict’, students develop an interest in the world around them, learning geographical enquiry, interdependence and an appreciation of places at different scales.

This, combined with fieldwork to the Reculver and around the School in the form of a microclimate study, develops students’ sense of enquiry and appreciation of the geography going on all around them every day.

Key Stage 4 Geography

Students develop their sense of enquiry through fieldwork, which enables students to see the geography they are studying up close and in real life.  This is combined with relevant and up to date studies throughout the course to develop geographically enquiring minds and make students aware of the complexities and interconnections between all the topics they study.

Students take a Human and Physical Exam paper and spend three years developing their critical thinking and decision making in a wide variety of contexts.

Key Stage 5 Geography

A Level Geography deals with major world issues in a vigorous way; it gives a wider picture of the world in which we live. The study of Geography will equip students with an appreciation of the relationships between people and their environment – both locally and globally. Tackling issues from coastal erosion to sustainable urban living, from developing economies to tectonic hazards, Geography deals with every aspect of our lives, in a complex and changing world.