Key Stage 3 Engineering

How do you make a rocket? What is the most stable shape? Why have materials changed through history? These are just some of the questions we will solve during Key Stage 3. We aim to combine the technical skills of computer programming and design technology with the knowledge from Science to create one of the most exciting subjects within the school curriculum. Our current projects include: designing and making a rocket, bridge building, material science, designing and making a ‘Mars rover’ and even electrofashion clothing.

Students will also complete a cooking programme where they will enhance their understanding of nutrition as well as honing their technical skills.

Key Stage 4 Engineering

Students develop their inquisitive and innovative nature through a controlled assessment, which enables them to observe and critically analyse engineering in the world around them. Students are also able to experience hands-on, practical approaches to problems, to support their mathematical and scientific understanding. In addition, students study the complexity of issues concerned with being an engineer in the modern world, linking worries over sustainability, cost and legislation, together with overcoming design challenges, whilst maintaining a profitable and successful outcome. They also look at the vast array of materials and the industrial processes which enable products to be manufactured on various levels of scale.

During the three years, students build their knowledge of the engineering solutions that surround them day-to-day, becoming competent in analysing and evaluating their success. Students then use the knowledge and skills they have gained to design and engineer, their own solution to an exam given scenario, demonstrating their creativity and problem solving potential.