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Challenge of Management – Volunteers Wanted

Every year at Gravesend Grammar School, we run a ‘Challenge of Management’ event over 2 days for our Year 12s.  We hope to give them an idea and some experience of working in teams and of the sort of activities they may encounter at work/university selection days (group interview, in-tray exercise, building bridges etc. plus some silly games).

We rely entirely on the goodwill of our facilitators who work with groups of about 10-12 students and guide them through the activities.

Our students respond really well to people who bring something a bit different to the table and who can let them know how their skills will be used when they leave education.

Would you be interested in coming in to school and helping during those 2 days as a facilitator? It is on the 10th and 11th July, roughly 8.15am-4pm.

Please contact Miss Haggar on to register your interest.